Future Proof Storage Summit

“The Future Proof Storage Summit is about demonstrating the industry leadership of SanDisk® to customers and other industry influencers in China,” explains Rafael Feitelberg, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing of Mobile and Connected Solutions. Held in Shenzhen, China, the event brings together key industry leaders and customers in the burgeoning Asian marketplace.

SanDisk executives and our technology partners—among them Rockchip and MediaTek— share their vision of how connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs are expected to evolve in the coming years.

Device-system discussions, executive presentations and roundtable discussions with executives from our ecosystem partners (Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, NVIDIA) are all part of the FPSS event.

As Bob O’Donnell, founder and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research (and a presenter at the summit) has noted, “One of the most important developments driving the improved performance of our latest devices isn’t the processor inside those devices, but the storage and its interaction with embedded device systems.”

Flash Memory Storage Takes Center Stage at SanDisk’s 3rd Annual Future Proof Storage Summit

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Demand for better and richer connected user experiences will drive the mobile market to increasingly adopt Flash Memory technology for responsive and reliable storage, Drew Henry, SVP and GM of Mobile and Connected Solutions told more than 300 attendees at SanDisk’s 3rd Annual Future Proof Storage Exclusive Technology Conference on August 26, 2014 in Shenzhen, China.

This year’s event brought together executives from more than 90 Asia-based mobile, tablet and consumer electronics companies and manufacturers, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and ZTE.

Leading companies in the mobile ecosystem, including Allwinner, HiSilicon, Intel, MediTrek, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and RockChip, also sent their senior representatives, emphasizing their close relationship and tight technical integration with SanDisk.

Drew Henry at FPSSSix presentations and two panel discussions examined new technologies, applications, flash storage advancements and market trends that are shaping the mobile and connected world today and the future.

“By working closely to integrate new SanDisk X3 storage solutions with the products from our ecosystem partners, we’re enabling manufacturers to offer smartphones, tablets and other innovative devices for the mass market—providing users the capacity and application performance they demand,” Henry told attendees in his keynote talk: Designing for the Next Generation of Storage, Smartphones, Tablets and New Devices.

In addition to Drew Henry, other SanDisk participants included:

  • Christopher Bergey, VP & GM, Mobile & Tablet
  • Rafael Feitelberg, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, MCS
  • Avi Klein, Senior Principal Device Engineer
  • Henri Richard, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales and Support
  • Gary Wang, VP of Commercial Sales and Support – Asia
  • Jesse Z. Zhang, VP of Asia Enterprise Sales

The conference also included presentations by other industry thought leaders, including Bob O’Donnell, Founder and Chief Analyst of TECHnalysis Research. In his Future of Mobility presentation, O’Donnell said, “Device storage will become increasingly more critical for managing a portable digital identity—including our data, passwords and preferences—that works across devices and services.”

SanDisk showcased the latest in storage technologies with two live demos: one that highlighted iNAND® 3120’s X3 performance vs an X2-based option, and a second that framed the exceptional user experience and performance advantages of iNAND® 7030.

“This year’s attendance increased by more than 100 compared to our 2013 event,” says Rafael Feitelberg, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing of Mobile and Connected Solutions at SanDisk. “Our post-conference survey indicated more than 90% are interested to come back next year, with more than 85% of attendees wanting to learn more about SanDisk’s products and technologies.”

2nd Annual Future Proof Storage Summit 2013 Brings Together Key Industry Leaders

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We held our annual seminar, Future Proof Storage, on August 28, 2013 in Shenzhen, China. The seminar featured valuable insights from industry leaders such as Broadcom, Intel, Konka, Laoyaoba, Marvell, Meitu, Qualcomm, and Rockchip. Discussions and sessions centered on how intelligent storage solutions can help with the development of current and future-facing products and deliver superb customer experiences.

Over 200 attendees gathered at the event to learn, to connect and find out the latest regarding future growth engines, upcoming technologies, standards and new applications.

Keynote speakers

  • Drew Henry, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Mobile & Connected Solutions

SanDisk Logo

  • Neil Mawston, Executive Director of Wireless Device Strategies, Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics logo

  • Luis Pineda, Senior Vice President, Computing and Consumer Products Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

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SanDisk Technology Session Speakers

  • Eyal Bek (Enterprise and CSS)
  • Fadi Afa Al-Refaee (Connected Home)
  • Avi Klein (Future-facing Technologies)

Featured Panelists:

  • Yi Haibo, Vice President, Multimedia Global R&D Center, Konka
  • Laoyao, Senior Blogger Laoyaoba and secretary general of China Mobile Alliance
  • Ali Mesri, Sr. Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Mitta Zhang, Technology VP, Meitu
  • Jason Qian, Senior Director of Sales , Broadcom
  • Henry Zhang, Senior Product Manager, Intel
  • Wei Wu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marvell
  • Oliver Miao, Marketing Director, Rockchip

SanDisk and Qualcomm

Enabling Ultra HD on smartphones

Find out how SanDisk and Qualcomm are working together to enable UltraHD (4K) video recording and playback from smartphones.

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